Author: Steven Lay

BEERMKR After a Brew

Home Brewing Should Not Be Hard!

My “Brew Day” experiences in the past have been a long day, hot liquids, trying to follow a recipe precisely, running to the grocery store for extra bag of ice to cool down the wort, etc. All this after assembling the grains and ingredients. The location for this controlled disaster was a small kitchen. BEERMKR is a grain based, countertop, automated system that makes the process easy to make your favorite brew. And to make it really simple you can buy their complete kits. BEST of all- clean-up is via a dishwasher.

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Seeds are critical to crops responding to climate and disease.

Ukraine’s Giant Seed Bank at Risk of Being Lost as War Rages

War can destroy centuries of research on the seeds that make plants survive changes in climate, diseases and soil conditions. Ukraine is the breadbasket to the World and impacts the beer industry as well. Read this Thomson/Reuters article then read the FEATURE story by clicking on “FEATURE” in the header.

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Awards for World Beer Cup

The Largest Beer Competition-10,525 Beers In 103 Categories.

The Brewers Association in Denver, CO will now hold the Worlds Beer Cup annually as part of their conferences.
A total of 57 countries submitted 10, 525 enteries to be judged in 2022. A total of 103 different beer style categories were assembled in Minneapolis and awards were given on May 5th.
The craft beer industry seems to have weathered the Pandemic well. Yes, as in most industries, there are some that drop from the list for various reasons. But, there are always new start-ups that come along to pick up the slack. Today there are 9,125 independent craft beer breweries.

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TTB-Tax and Trade Bureau

Final Data for 2021 All Beer Produced

TTB collects data on all beer produced not just Craft Beer. They do not define just Craft Beer. It is generally defined however as beer produced in less than 6 million barrels. Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams and Lagunitas are in the high end of Craft Beer producers and are not owned by more than 25% of a Macro Brewery.

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